Demon Music commissioned us to design and illustrate a triple gatefold of Douglas Adam's quirky detective jaunt ‘Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency'. Dirk Gently has an unshakeable faith in the interconnectedness of all things. His Holistic Detective Agency mainly succeeds in tracking down missing cats – until he becomes embroiled in a supernatural murder mystery that must be solved if the human race is to avoid immediate extinction. With an All-star cast fronted by Harry Enfield and Olivia Colman, you could do much worse than ‘tuning in’ to this fantastically comedy sci-fi drama.
Our concept for this title was inspired by a mix between graphic noir & Dick Tracy comics. There are so many funny quirks and silly "scenes" in this series, it was a difficult task to depict them. I wanted to create an overall piece which had many easter eggs and little touches that would only make sense once the listener had heard the story. I created one large "Inter-connected" evidence board which had many references to the story, but also a few little token references that pay homage to Douglas Adams and his other works, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I loved working on this project and am already gearing up for the second instalment due out later this year! Watch this space!
Designed at Oink Creative.


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